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Mastered by the Highlanders Katie Douglas
Captured by the Highlanders Katie Douglas
Reformed by the Scotsman Katie Douglas

Welcome to Corner Time Now!

Welcome to Corner Time Now, the website of #1 bestselling romance author Katie Douglas (that's me). I'm so glad you're here!

Links to all my external online thingies, including my YouTube channel, my email address, and more, can be found by clicking the about button.

My blog posts since 9th January 2017 are all here, and the full archives of all the posts I've ever written (including the ones I wrote on my old Blogger blog) are here.

Information about the books I've written can be found under books. I hope you find my site entertaining and informative!

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His Little Earthling Katie Douglas
An Old Fashioned Homestead Katie Douglas

His Naughty Little Housewife Katie Douglas
Serving the Immortals Katie Douglas
Sharing the Princess Katie Douglas

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