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Mastered by the Highlanders Katie Douglas
Captured by the Highlanders Katie Douglas
Reformed by the Scotsman Katie Douglas

Her Daddy and Her Master Katie Douglas
His Little Earthling Katie Douglas
An Old Fashioned Homestead Katie Douglas

His Naughty Little Housewife Katie Douglas
Serving the Immortals Katie Douglas
Sharing the Princess Katie Douglas

Books by Katie Douglas

Katie has now written nine books, all published by Stormy Night Publications! Find them on Amazon by clicking on the titles below or the book covers above! She also wrote the #1 bestselling short story, The Vet and Her Puppy, which was an F/f pet-play erotica.

Scottish historical romance:

Mastered by the Highlanders - A 36,000 word M/f/M ménage.

Captured by the Highlanders - A 39,000 word M/M/f/M ménage.

The Stern Scotsmen Series:

Book 1: Reformed by the Scotsman - A 44,000 word M/f romance.

Book 2: Protected by the Scotsman - A M/f romance (coming Spring 2018)

Book 3: TBC.

Sci-fi romance:

Twenty-Fourth Century Daddies Series:

Book 1: Her Daddy and Her Master - A 102,000 word M/f/M ageplay ménage.

Book 2: His Little Earthling - An 89,000 word M/f ageplay romance.

Book 3: Her Cyborg Daddy - A 63,000 word M/f ageplay romance (coming Fall 2017).

Future Frontiers Series:

Book 1: The Last Rancher - A 55,000 word M/f western dystopian romance (coming Fall 2017).

Book 2: The Last Doctor - A M/f western dystopian romance (coming 2018).

Book 3: The Last Sherriff - A M/f western dystopian romance (coming 2018).

Stand-Alone Romance Stories:

Sharing the Princess - A 60,000 word M/F/F/M LGBT ménage.

Serving the Immortals - A 46,000 word F/f/F LGBT ménage.

His Naughty Little Housewife - A 44,000 word contemporary ageplay.

An Old Fashioned Homestead - A 32,000 word M/f western romance.

The Vet and Her Puppy - A 10,000 word F/f short story.

His Christmas Baby - A 30,000 word M/f ageplay romance (coming Christmas 2017).

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