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Her Daddy and Her Master Has Landed!

It's time.

This is not a drill.

Open the freezer, pull out your Kindle, and grab the ice cream while you're there. You might also need a spoon. Her Daddy and Her Master is out now in all reputable ebook stores, and it's 101000 words of sci-fi menage packed full of ageplay and Master/slave goodness rolled into one tasty caramel-loaded* treat. I am craving an ice cream sundae so bad right now, can you tell?

Here is the stunning cover art, which was created by Korey Mae Johnson:

Her Daddy and Her Master
Find it on Amazon!

Happy reading!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

*Book does not contain actual caramel.**

**Unless you drizzle it over your Kindle.***

***I wouldn't do that, it makes it hard to read the story.

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