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MORE exciting news: Her Daddy and Her Master Out Saturday!

I said recently on Twitter that it was time to get your Kindle in the fridge again, because it might melt when you download my new book!

At almost 100,000 words, this is my hottest, longest book yet, and it's out Saturday!

Have you dreamed of finding your way onto the spaceship of a total gentleman daddy dom whose pastimes include making cupcakes, sharing toys and games with you, and spanking you when you're bad?

Have you also fantasized about, on that same spaceship, a no-nonsense utterly in-control master with a passion for all things beautiful and whose many spanking implements include his very large hands, a unicorn hair flogger, a strap made from the hide of an exotic space creature, and a switch made from a tree that's specially grown on his planet because its branches are excellent for punishing naughty bottoms?

Dare I ask, have you ever wondered what sort of dark and mysterious BDSM relationship you could tumble into, if you lived on a ship like that?

Find out when Her Daddy and Her Master comes out on 7th January!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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