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Katie Reads is now on Youtube!

There's more exciting news in the wake of last week's updates!

I've started a new Youtube channel called Katie Reads, where every month I will read an excerpt from one of my spanking romance books! Just like when I participate in SatSpanks, I'll make sure to pick the most sizzling excerpts to read!! This is a completely new thing for me, because I've never actually read any of my books out loud before, and I've currently only got 3 books out, so I'd run out of things to read very quickly if I updated any more regularly than monthly, but I'll update my blog every time I've done a Youtube video.

Due to the nature of what I write (which I'm assuming you're familiar with if you're here), the Youtube channel is age-restricted and cannot be embedded in other sites (even mine). The other option was to only read tame, boring stuff, but I don't like tame and boring, and I wanted to read excerpts that I'd want to watch on a Youtube video (which is good, because when you're editing a video, it's just like editing a book: You have to go over your work again and again), so I decided to go as far as I'm allowed within my YouTube Terms of Service.

Here's the link for my first Youtube Video:

Let me know what you think (if you dare) and I'll put another video up towards the end of January! In other news, the webcomic's first page has been drawn, and the site's code is being finalized, then the webcomic will imminently be winging its way to its very own corner of the internet, so I'll update you all again next week when the site is live!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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