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Christmastime and Exciting News!

Isn't Christmastime just the best?

Last year was a bit of a wash-out for me, due to various issues, and at least partly to do with my whole city being flooded, and me being stuck at home for that exact reason.

This year, I feel like I'm trying to pack two (or more) Christmases into one. I've got my lights up, the tree is covered in tinsel and baubles, there's presents under it (guess who's getting that Zootropolis bunny? *coughmecough*), I found it in Home Bargains (a discount store) AND IT ACTUALLY TALKS!!!

christmas tree with presents underneath

I'm having my Christmas dinner with some lovely friends from America, who wouldn't hear of me being alone for Christmas, and tomorrow 'til Christmas eve, I'm going to see my aunt, uncle and cousins for some pre-Christmas-Christmasing (we tend to view most of December as 'Christmas' in the UK), and I'm totally taking my ice skates home to my aunt's, to do my first skating since 2010. It's like the December I wish I'd had every year for the past... however many years it's been since I was choosing my own stuff.*

Now I just need to make a stocking and finish up buying presents, cards etc for everyone I know IRL who has made the last few months bearable while I tried to find some sort of purpose after several huge Earth-shattering life events one on top of the other -- they never seem to take turns, do they?

Also, I have some UNBELIEVABLY exciting news coming VERY SOON regarding a webcomic, just as soon as I'm not drowning in CSS and image resolution and all that other technical design stuff that I have a low attention span for. But the HTML's done and the new website is almost ready and I even got Manga Studio for my birthday from my relatives, to go with the graphics tablet I bought, so there may possibly be a spanking webcomic very soon, although it will have its own separate website for legal reasons: They're about to ban such things in the UK (read part 3, but be warned; it's long and intentionally convoluted and obfuscatory), so I'm also going to be emigrating later next year because I can't live in a country where I can't post pictures of spanking, ageplay and BDSM on my own bloody website without forcing people to input credit card details. I know a couple of other spanking people who have shut their sites down to avoid this, but don't worry, I have dual citizenship with somewhere less censor-y, and I have full EU privileges regardless of what the UK does, and I am also fluent in French and passable in German and Italian -- languages are something I pick up really quickly, which is useful for my MSc in Obscure Science; I swear the only reason I understand science at all is because chemistry and computing were both like learning a foreign language -- so even if I can't get a PhD in some half-decent English-speaking nation, it's not the end of the world. Although it's still rather irritating because I just got my little room decorated with that Disney princess wallpaper I wrote about a few months ago. Le Sigh.

But anyway; webcomic coming soon!

And I'm still trying to figure out if a giant candy cane would make a sexy spanking implement or just a really crappy one. I'm not sure in real life that a candy cane would have enough flex to work properly, although I've read a few stories that have used them in that way... What do you think?

*I actually know this one. It's six years. Although this is the sixth Christmas so... five? I'm never very good at working out how to count stuff like that.

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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