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Review: ABDL Purple Adult Pacifier

So I got this pacifier from Amazon, and when it arrived I did talk on my blog about the slightly indiscreet packaging, but I never actually reviewed this pacifier, so here goes.

I absolutely adore my pacifier. I chose purple, and that's the color that arrived (it's a nice see through purple, too). When I got it open (which was pretty easy), I gave it a bit of a rinse to make sure it was clean and ready to use, then I popped it in my mouth.

The shape and feel was slightly different to how I expected it to be - the texture was smooth and soft, the part that went in my mouth was squashy and yielding. I've never had a pacifier before (my mother didn't believe in such things) so I really enjoyed getting used to the feeling. After about 10 minutes, I took it out of my mouth and my tongue felt sad. It missed my pacifier, so I put it back in.

I initially used it for something to do with my mouth while I was editing my upcoming book (which I'm so excited about, I hope you're going to LOVE it), and it really helped me concentrate! I'm a fidgeter, and usually, while I'm thinking about how to change sentences in my stories and whether bits need re-writing, I bite my nails or my lip or I run my fingers through my hair a lot, so having something to focus that part of my brain on really helped me think more clearly.

Since then, I've used it while writing essays and powerpoint presentations for my Masters degree and it's helped me concentrate there, too!

The best part is, when I get put down for a nap or when it's bedtime, sometimes I want something in my mouth, and now I can put my paci in my mouth and I apparently just drift off to sleep in moments.

If you're wondering about getting a pacifier, I highly recommend this one. The shape is safe for adult teeth, so it shouldn't make your teeth go out of alignment (unlike if you use a paci aimed at chronological babies), and it's easy to clean. The very best part is that it's latex free so if you're sensitive to latex (and therefore can't have a NUK), like I am, you can still have a pacifier. When I got mine I wondered how much I was really going to use it, but now I honestly don't know what I did without it. When I'm at work or at college, I miss having it. I would buy another one but they've sadly stopped doing shipping to the UK (I'm sad but not surprised, given how badly the UK postal service handled this parcel!) so I'll have to just make the most of the one I have, and hope it doesn't break any time soon!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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