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His Naughty Little Housewife is Out Now!

His Naughty Little Housewife, my first ageplay novel, is out now! You can find it here on Amazon; let me know what you think! In case the cover art I shared yesterday (and sneak preview) wasn't exciting enough, the blurb is here:

When Trent Wilson comes home from a long day of work and yet again finds the house a mess, dinner not ready, and his twenty-one-year-old fiancée Thea Daniels lazing about on the couch, he decides it is time to put his foot down. He informs his beautiful, naughty girl that for the next two weeks, she will live the life of a 1950s housewife. She will be completely obedient, and her chores will be done promptly and properly or her bare bottom will be soundly spanked.

Thea assumes Trent must be joking, but when he strips her bare and puts her in a pretty dress suitable for a demure, submissive housewife she begins to realize that he is serious, and after she tests him by disobeying a simple instruction she earns herself a stern punishment.

She quickly discovers just how much she has been neglecting her duties, and over the coming days Thea finds herself with a bright red, well-punished bottom on more than one occasion. Despite her frequently sore backside, however, she cannot deny how deeply Trent's dominance arouses her, and when he takes her long and hard and then holds her in his arms she is reminded how wonderful it is to be thoroughly mastered. But can their new arrangement survive the distractions and demands of the modern world?

Publisher's Note: His Naughty Little Housewife includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Can't wait to read it? Get it here:


Katie xxxx

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