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You have to see the cover for His Naughty Little Housewife!

I said on Friday that it was time to get your Kindle in the fridge so it doesn't melt when you get your copy of my latest book, which comes out tomorrow (November 4th)! Now it's time to get really excited, because the cover art is here and it looks FABULOUS! I got a sneak preview this morning and it was looking pretty damn awesome, then I got the final version this afternoon, and... well you just have to see it, it's incredible! I'm even more excited than I was on Friday!! Take a look:

his naughty little housewife by katie douglas

And here's a steamy excerpt:

“Give me your phone, please.” He held out his hand and Thea relinquished her phone with a feeling of dread. He tapped a few things then fixed her with a very stern gaze.

“You don’t need your Wi-Fi connected to next door’s Internet to copy some phone numbers, do you? Or the mobile data turned on? If I check your browser history, what will I find?” he asked.

Thea closed her eyes. “That I was looking at web sites,” she replied. If she denied it, she would be in more trouble for lying when he checked.

Trent put the phone aside and shook his head.

“This is exactly why you’re not getting anything done. Bend over the table, please.”

“But I was only looking at hairstyles! You took my flatiron away, remember? For God’s sake, do you actually want me to walk round with my hair like this? I look like… like a bag lady, and I wanted to fix it. Don’t you care if I look ugly?” Too late, she realized she’d gone too far. She wasn’t allowed to say mean things about her appearance, and she definitely wasn’t allowed to speak to Trent so rudely.

“Over the table. If I have to ask once more, you’re bringing me the cane.”

Thea hopped down from where she was sitting, and bent over the table. The cane was the last thing she wanted anywhere near her bottom right now. She felt him turn her skirt back, then he slid her garter belt and panties down. She knew exactly what was coming next.

“Thea, I’m spanking you because you were told specifically to write those numbers down, and instead you disobeyed me when my back was turned, young lady. You aren’t getting your chores done because you spend too much time online, and, during a period of time when I’m trying to help you get back on track, here you are wasting time on the Internet at the first opportunity.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” She knew he was right, but that wasn’t going to make this spanking any easier. He caressed her ass and she sighed, feeling her clit twitch.

Thea thought she must be imagining things, but his hand seemed to make a swishing sound as it flew through the air, and she gritted her teeth as his hard palm smacked into her bottom. It always burned so much when he spanked her! His palm came down again and she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to relax her bottom. Nothing was helping to reduce the pain as he brought his hand down over and over again and spanked her rear end with his unyielding right hand. Soon, she was breathing hard and digging her nails into the tabletop. Her treacherous pussy was more than a little moist.

What's going to happen next? Find out tomorrow, when my first ageplay novel, His Naughty Little Housewife, comes out!

Can't wait to read it? Get it here:


Katie xxxx

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