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Coming soon! New book! His naughty little housewife!

Okay, I know I'm biased, but I'm really excited to announce to my blog readers (you heard it here first) that my latest book is coming up in the next couple of weeks!! Make room in the fridge for your Kindle so it doesn't melt when you download this one; it's scorching hot!*

*But, y'know, make sure it doesn't get wet. Maybe put it in a sealed, clean, dry Tupperware tub or something.**

**Figuratively speaking. IRL, the fridge is probably not such a great place to keep your Kindle. Just sayin'.

My newest book is called His Naughty Little Housewife and in case the title doesn't give away what it's about, I'm going to sum it up for you: A twenty-one year-old modern social media manager gets transformed into a 1950s housewife for two weeks... and of course, sparks fly! There's mild ageplay (Thea's a middle) and a very hot older love interest (aren't they the best sort), and there's sexy suspenders, pretty dresses, domestic disasters and, of course, plenty of spanking!

I don't want to spoiler it but if you like reading about middles or if you're at all curious about teen ageplay, I think you'll love this book! As soon as the cover art is back I'll show you it, along with a sizzling excerpt!

If anyone would like an advanced copy in exchange for a review just drop me an email at: and tell me if you'd prefer Kindle, PDF or Nook format, and I'll hook you up as soon as it's back from the publisher!

I'm so excited I might turn into a unicorn!!


Katie xxxx

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