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Guess how much this T-rex loves this other T-rex

t-rex dating romance meme

Sometimes our ability to show love is limited by things like not having long enough arms, or the right words; or not being able to find the right time to say the right words, which are difficult to say anyway, because the words keep running away from the tip of our tongues, and it's hard to catch them again with the short arms.

I think the yellow dinosaur could have been a little bit less mean and understood what the green dinosaur was trying to say. But maybe the green dinosaur loves the yellow dinosaur because he's slightly sarcastic and grumpable. I could see that working.

Of course, the saddest thing about being a T-rex would be that those arms are also way too short for doing any spanking. And it would be exceedingly difficult to put another T-rex over your T-rex knee. But there has to be some way of using the tail to compensate for the arms, right?

Someone told me last year that palaeontologists think that dinosaurs were all covered in feathers, rather than being lizards. I think that's so adorable. T-rex might actually be Big Bird in disguise, which kinda makes sense since his best friend is a wooly mammoth. Somehow, though, I can't quite imagine a T-rex stroking Snuffalufagus's fluffy trunk...

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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