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10 little things I like to do when I'm on my own

This is a list of things that I like to do when I'm on my own and feeling little, just in case anyone would like some inspiration:

1. Drinking from a sippy cup with both hands. Especially if it's filled with Robinson's Summer Fruits and Barley flavor squash (fruit juice you add water to). I do this on my own or if my grown-up is around.

2. Sucking my thumb... only occasionally though. It's not really the right shape, I much prefer...

3. Sucking on my pacifier like I'm Sherlock Holmes and it's my thinking pipe. Nom! I swear I get my best ideas when I'm thoughtfully sucking my purple pacifier. That makes it sound like I have many pacifiers. I only have the one. But it's a good one. And it's purple.

4. Playing with my Polly Pockets - the 80s/90s retro compact playsets not the 3 inch dolls. I have quite a collection now (thanks ebay), because I buy crappy cheap ones and fix them up, and they're self-contained and easy to transport, so I can pretty much entertain myself with them anywhere.

5. Watching a fun kids show on TV. Or a Disney movie. Aside from Disney Princess (which I adore), I'm a big fan of Clifford the Big Red Dog, Clifford's Puppy Days, Spot the Dog, or for movies, Beethoven, Homeward Bound, Bolt... I'm easily entertained by anything with a talking dog, really. Talking rabbit movies tend to be harder to find, as I wasn't the biggest fan of Hop (sorry!) but I did like Watership Down (I know, no-one else likes it). Do you know why I like it? Spoiler alert. Because in spite of all the adversity they had to go through, the rabbits worked together and tried their hardest, and they nearly all escaped and found their special place where they could all live happily together.

6. Eating weird combinations of food. Yoghurt and broken pieces of chocolate, ice cream cones filled with strawberries, tortilla chips and anything I can dip them in (ice cream, Jello... you name it). It's so much fun to just try stuff without worrying about whether it's the wrong combo.

7. Playing with my hair. I like to try out fun hairstyles like cornrows or French braids, and I also like playing with hair chalk, which sprays bright colors on your hair but they wash out with some shampoo.

8. Digging in the garden. Even in a garden near the sidewalk, people honestly just think you're gardening and no-one notices that you're making mud pies and mud castles and... also you could plant pretty flowers and fun windmills and feed the birds. I don't do those things but I'd like to. If I had flowers and windmills to plant or if the local birds weren't magpies.

9. Buying some sweets and a fizzy bottle of soda pop... the soda has to be lurid green, orange, blue or bright pink (in Scotland, Irn Bru is pretty much the last word on lurid kid soda). I find the act of standing in the shop choosing different sweets does more to put me in littlespace than actually eating the sweets!

10. Sitting on a swivel chair and just spinning on it. Or twirling around lots in a big empty room (not a room with ornaments). After long enough I get dizzy and have to sit down but that's part of the fun!

Do you like to do any little things when you're on your own? I'd love to hear about them!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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