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Bath Crayons

Bathtimes can be so much fun! Here are my new bath crayons and bath water flutes! I used the bath crayons last weekend but I was having a bath quite late at night so I couldn't use the water flutes in case it awakened the neighbors.

The crayons were a great addition to bathtimes though, and I drew a picture on the tiles:

In case there are any grown-up types wondering how easy these are to clean off, this is what the tiles looked like after:

As you can see, they didn't leave any stain. One thing I would suggest after having seen other people's reviews of bath crayons on Amazon, is don't draw on the tub with them. Only draw on the tiles. Many people have used them on their tub without issue, but some people have been left with permanent staining.

All in all, these were a lot of fun. Have you tried them? Do you have any other suggestions for bathtime toys?

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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