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Decorating my little room

I dream about one day having a little room, and at the moment I've been thinking about how I would design it based on a real budget and using an actual room in our house that is currently full of junk (and not the sexy kind). We are in the process of getting round to renovating our spare bedroom, which since we moved here, has always had the most hideous spongy wallpaper that someone painted over at some point in the 1970s or 1980s to look like a municipal building. Ick! We haven't really had the time to redecorate or the space to move everything that's currently in that room so we could start peeling wallpaper off the walls as my husband works a lot and I really *really* suck at DIY or decorating... it's like my Kryptonite.

However, recently I saw this absolutely divine wallpaper, now I know it's not to everyone's tastes, but I love the fact that it looks like normal Toile (scenes of farming and stuff) wallpaper until you look closely then realize the scenes are actually Disney Princesses. As soon as I saw it I was straight away showing my husband, and I was declaring, "GROWN-UP, I NEED THIS ON EVERY WALL!!" Obviously, the answer was no, and here's why (aside from my husband not actually wanting to live in an entire house decorated with pink princess wallpaper for some reason):

The first place I saw it, it was being sold for 15 per roll, which is a lot of money. The room is very small and only needs 5 rolls of wall paper (each roll is 10 metres long) but that still adds up to a LOT of money. I looked around and found it on UK Amazon for 10 a roll, which is a lot better, but apparently it takes 7 weeks to arrive, and it's still a bit beyond my redecorating budget to spend 50 on five rolls of wallpaper.

So I thought about this long and hard, and thought, hey, why don't I get one roll and do a feature wall? Trouble is, that might make it difficult to sell the house (for some reason, people see your wallpaper and make a 200,000 decision based on it... and I thought I was bad at making decisions), and we might be moving abroad next year.

Then I went back to the thinking board, and thought, what if I did the lower half of the walls in something understated, and the upper halves in this wallpaper, with a cute border between the two?

But I don't think anyone does that any more either, apparently it makes the room look short or something?? I don't really understand it, but I refuse to redecorate my house just to sell it when I could spend that money on something nice (like my electric bill).

So it's back to the drawing board again.

But I love this wallpaper so much, I know I'll find a way to decorate with it.

I don't really know anything about decorating. I've never lived anywhere where I could choose how to decorate a room before, so I want it to be perfect, so I'm going to think some more on how to decorate with this delightful princess wallpaper before I buy any rolls.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep admiring this beautiful wallpaper: princess wallpaper for decorating little room ABDL

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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