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Chocolate Coconut Thingies With Stars

I totally wanted to review Daddy Takes the Reins this week since I've been reading it now for the past 3 weeks or so, but life sorta got in the way and I still haven't finished it (I'm halfway through and it's awesome so far).

This post is about something I made yesterday because I was majorly craving chocolate and there was none in the house.

I got some creamed coconut, some cocoa powder, and a very generous spoon of honey, and mixed it all together with some boiling water, adding a teensy bit at a time until I got a nice consistency. It cooled in the silicon cases in the fridge to something resembling thick chocolate spread.

I put stars on top because why not? You can eat the stars.

I think this would make a better cake filler for a chocolate sandwich cake or cupcake topper than a standalone treat, as it's very rich, and still tastes strongly of coconut and cocoa, but my mouth was not complaining yesterday when I wanted chocolate. If it comes out bitter it needs more honey.

I don't know what I'd call it though, so I've gone with Chocolate Coconut Thingies With Stars. I thought I'd post it here because the recipe is do-able when you're in littlespace as long as you're allowed to use the kettle (or can get a grownup to do it for you). The gloop cools quite quickly to a safe temperature to work with.

chocolate thingies with stars

Here's the stuff I used:

chocolate thingies ingredients

I guess if you added more water than I did, you'd get dairy free hot chocolate!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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