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A few 1950s adverts I found... interesting

I was searching for 1950s adverts to get a sense of the way advertising talked about and to women in that time period, for a story idea I'm still researching, when I came across a few adverts I thought some readers might appreciate. BTW, these may not be safe for work, depending where you work, and I am making no judgement on the political correctness (or lack thereof) because it was a different time.

First up is this delightful advert for shirts. Who doesn't love a man in a daring shirt? An audacious shirt is fantastic eye candy under a suit, especially when paired with a nice tie and a classy pen poking out of the top pocket:

This one I've seen before on another spanking blog, but since that blog disappeared from the internet recently I thought it was worth a re-post:

This next one totally bemused me, I can't decide if this was a Playboy-type ad or a troll, but since no-one on the internet wants to 'fess up to having the pamphlet which this ad is for, I guess it will remain a mystery:

There's a lot of bandwidth wasted on the Internet amongst people arguing over whether wives were ever really spanked or not in the past. A lot of commenters seemed to simply look at their grandparents and think "no way" (but remember how, when you learned where babies came from, you looked at your parents/other adult relatives with kids and thought, "nope, I just don't believe it" then never thought about them in that context again??) but I think some people did spank and some people didn't. I think that in 50 years' time, people will be asking the same question about our generation(s), and coming to the conclusion that *we* never really got spanked, based on those who shout the loudest (and those who discipline the quietest). This conversation from newspaper The Mirror, from 1956, answers the question once and for all (*waves at consent as it runs away*):

And this one left me wondering a lot of things, chiefly, where/when the heck was this published? I nearly spat my drink when I read: "[Teach her to] greet you at the door wearing nothing but cellophane wrap" (what would the neighbors say?!). It's got the words "scientific method" in the tagline so you KNOW it's legit (that's sarcasm). The address at the bottom also amused me. Another question I have about this is; five lessons, really?? I wonder what the lessons were. Must've been some pretty profound Zen shizzle (or an April Fool's joke):

I think this is from the late 70s or early 80s (judging by the style of the car), but I was amused by the tagline, it was very Ron Burgundy:

What do you think? Would the prospect of a spanking make you change your brand of coffee or buy a daring shirt?

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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