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A few of my favorite little things:

Here is a big pile of some of my favorite things, I will show you them individually in a second as I don't think this photo does them justice:

Let's start with my Ever After High Dolls:

These are Raven Queen and Briar Beauty, two of the characters from the TV series Ever After High (it's sort of like Monster High, only this one's about fairytales which I LOVE). I've got a couple of the other dolls on a huge sale in a local toyshop recently, but all the words on the boxes are in, like, Hungarian or something (???) so I can't read the stories that came with the dolls which is a little bit sad. My Raven Queen doll (left) didn't bend her legs properly when I got her, I learned that the way to fix this is to take all her clothes off, bend the legs as far as they go, then gently rotate the legs until they are fully posable (because they're designed to be completely posable). I hope that helps someone if you have problems with your Ever After High dolls like I did.

I love puppet books for bedtime stories, they're my favorite favorite favorite thing at bedtime. I got Peter Rabbit about 2 years ago when I was having a bipolar episode and decided at 1am to drive to Loch Ness because I'd lived in Scotland all these years and never been. I found Peter Rabbit in a Tesco in Glasgow I'd stopped at for snacks. I first fell in love with Snuggle Bunny (right) back in 2010, when I had no clue that ageplay or littles existed (I was, of course, already obsessed with spanking by that point), and I convinced my then-boyfriend that I NEEDED this baby book. He took it quite well, actually, because we're married now. I've always found ageplay easier to talk about with him than general BDSM, I don't really know why. Do you find one or the other easier to talk about?

This is my huge eyeshadow pallette which I got last year. It's got so many colors (each section you can see has the same amount of eyeshadow colors underneath it as well) it's great for when you just want to play with makeup and (aside from the red colors) it washes off fairly easily too.

This is MiniPon, my unicorn. She's called MiniPon because she's one of those PillowPets, and I also have two of the EXTREMELY large ones which I use as scatter cushions in the living room. The large ones are called Pon Pon and Snuggle Pon (pon being an affectionate suffix, which I appropriated from a video game called Xenoblade Chronicles. I explain this because I sometimes refer to myself as a littlepon or my husband as a bigpon). One day last year, I came home from the crappiest day at work and my husband went out to the store to get me some chocolate, and he came back with MiniPon. She's been my bedtime snuggle ever since and as you can tell from how old she looks, I take her everywhere. I have a lot of cuddly unicorns but she's my favorite. Do you have a favorite cuddly toy?

I have two favorite cups, the other has TinkerBell on, but this one has Spot the Dog. Do you have Spot the Dog in the USA? He's a children's book character sort of like Clifford the Big Red Dog (who I also love). I have a bunch of his books in French for language learning. I love to drink tea in my Spot cup, because then I can say "Spot of tea?" whereas usually that's unbelievably pretentious. If I ever had a tea party, I'd invite Spot the Dog. Do you have a favorite little cup? I really want a sippy cup but haven't explored them all to find one that would take hot drinks and I almost always drink hot drinks as I live in a cold country!

My bunny slippers. Do they need any further explanation? Well, they go with my bunny footie pajamas which were in the washing machine today so I can't show you.

What are your favorite little things? Feel free to link me to your blog if you've got photos or something on there!

Lots of Love,

Katie xxxx

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